by Cristina Morozzi

CONTAMINATION<p>by Cristina Morozzi</p>



"Being weird is wonderful" says Alessandro Michele, Gucci stylist, to Maria Luisa Frisa, director of the course in Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts of the Iuav University of Venice and curator of the Gucci Garden gallery in Florence.



The best way to be weird is the contamination between the present and heritage, between fashion and design, between good and bad taste. Rediscovering the magnificence of the decorations and daring with ease the bright colors. Following the motto of the American architect and postmodern theorist Robert Venturi, "Less is bore" (the least is boring), which mocks Mies Van der Rohe's famous saying "Less is more" (the less is more).

Contamination was the dominant leitmotif of the January edition of the Parisian Maison&Objets Fair. Moreover, it represents the design and fashion trend of the season.

We offer you a selection of these creations, some of which you will soon find on our website. 

JOIE by Michele Giacopini