Caterina Crepax - The Interview - by Cristina Morozzi

Caterina Crepax - The Interview - by Cristina Morozzi

Caterina Crepax, Guido daughter’s, admits that it is not easy to live with an icon. Still, she immediately states, «my parents were very normal people, easygoing and not characters», especially the father who was very democratic, almost naive and perhaps unaware of his aura.

«I have never experienced them as bulky, and I have benefited from my father’s idolatry for women. My mother was shy, and she has always dedicated herself to her family, because she graduated in German literature, she would have loved to teach and, sometimes, she did not hide a hint of inevitable frustration. I am a friendly and welcoming person. I graduated in architecture and I have worked for ten years with Marco Comolli and Giovanna Poli, an architecture studio working on furniture projects which brought colors into Milanese interiors. I gradually gave up this commitment in order to dedicate myself to my true passion: working with paper. I have always created three-dimensional objects with paper, inspired

by the Pop-Up books that my aunt Luciana used to give me. I have a somewhat overwhelming imagination. I would have liked to do scenography”. Working with paper has become a profession for Caterina. The spark was the creation of the paper dresses sculptures realized for the Molteni’s wardrobes exhibition at the Salone del mobile. The paper dresses got published on the Domus magazine in full-page, so she started making herself known, receiving many requests from companies and exhibitions. More than an artist, she likes to consider herself an artisan, she likes the idea of   a ‘workshop job’, and she feels akin to the Cologni Foundation, which promotes artistic crafts.

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