Cristina Morozzi meets Schola Testori

Cristina Morozzi meets Schola Testori

Schola Testori is a high-quality bed and bathroom linen brand, made in Italy with precious natural fabrics, such as silk, bamboo and linen, all very soft to the touch. The philosophy of Schola Testori is to establish a link of continuity with the ancient Saint Christopher School of Weaving in Venice.

Ivana Cicchelli, with a long experience in the furnishing textile sector, with well-known British brands such as Laura Ashley and Designers Guild, says “the goal is to establish a bridge between past and future, relaunching a millenary tradition that originates from Marco Polo’s trips to China. Our strengths are the obsessive search for natural materials and attention to detail.

The collection utilises soft and precious materials which speak to the touch. We want to offer the feeling of protection and comfort, a feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon, like a silkworm. Home comfort has become of primary importance. Resting well is the foundation of our physical and emotional health.
We are not concerned only with the touch  and feel of our products but also with the smell, with our line of  fragrance diffusers  and scented candles, developed with -the nose- Maria Candida Gentile.  MCG studied in Grasse in Provence, capital of perfumes for over 400 years. The intent is to offer a 360-degree sensory experience.

"The whole production, she adds, is garment dyed with a silicone softener finishing, that guarantees a smooth velvety feel, besides the bamboo fibre provides a pleasant fresh sensation."

"With the same intent, she concludes, the products are packaged in a pocket with an embroidered logo made with our textile waste, in fact our motto is - We Think Luxury, We Think Green -."

The voice of plain colors wants to highlight the tactile qualities of the production, avoiding the distraction of complicated patterns. The filling of the duvet is made entirely of multiple layers of pure silk: the thickness of the filling varies from 100g up to 400g; each duvet is equipped with buttholes that close elegantly with a pair of mother-of-pearl cufflinks, to allow the layering of duvets, to give a greater warmth experience, especially in the coldest periods.

Schola Testori is a fine luxury Home Linen brand, and their collections bestow unique sensory experiences.

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