DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Cristina Morozzi: Neo-romanticism

DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Cristina Morozzi: Neo-romanticism

Introduced by some fashion collections, always punctual in signalling changes, a romantic thought reappears.

It is not just a seasonal trend; it's an attitude of the spirit.


In times of crisis, in uncertain situations, such as the current one, rationality is inadequate to understand the images that create our world. It is a different view, devoid of faith in the linear process of time, not nostalgic or regressive, but aware of philosophy's classical language's inadequacy to decode reality.

A comforting thought in the forms of poetic and symbolic creativity feeds on feelings, more than reason, open to welcoming the spread, the vague and the magical, understood as something unspeakable that escapes the control of the intellect. The dim light of the imagination replaces the zenith ray of reason—it brights without dispelling the shadows, able to grasp the contradictions that inhabit the contemporary world.


Figuratively this attitude is expressed with pastel colour palettes, with images stolen to a flowery spring nature, with soft and delicate shapes, drawing inspiration from the animal and floral world.

Birds, insects and butterflies become bijoux; flowering branches and green meadows dotted with flowers are the patterns that illustrate the fabrics forming the background of fashion photos.

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