Design Italy will be present at Fuorisalone 2021 with the exhibition "When Material meets Design"

DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Ranieri: When Material meets Design - Design Italy's exhibition project for the next Fuorisalone event

At Fuorisalone 2021 Design Italy will present "La Materia diventa Design", an exhibition on design and sustainability enriched by exclusive live performances by the designers.

The next Milan Design Week will be held from the 4th to the 10th of September and will be the first opportunity in many months to reorganise an international event that once again focuses on an ever-growing sector. Apart from the forced break in recent months due to circumstances beyond our control - which, to be fair, has been partly offset by the use of a series of innovative (or previously less used) tools and channels - the next Fuorisalone brings with it a new momentum compared to previous editions and has already involved more than 500 different Italian and international brands.

They have gathered to offer visitors products designed and created over the last year and a half in what has already been defined as a true design library. Many themes will be on the agenda, but the greatest attention will be focused on sustainability and the circular economy

The eco-sustainability and recycling possibilities of the various materials of origin are two of the key features of the project that Design Italy will present at the next Fuorisalone. Among the 130 designers and brands currently distributed on Design Italy, four themes have been chosen as part of the path: rice chaff, aluminium, cardboard, corn and cork. Four materials that will take life and artistic and functional form in everyday objects according to the ideas and projects of six different designers who will display their creations during Design Week at the ShowRoom of Design Italy in via Vincenzo Monti 12

They are:

  • BBB Italia will exhibit the sustainable version, in material made from rice, of the iconic 940 chair by Gio Ponti, a timeless designer considered one of the greatest representatives of the twentieth century;
  • SUBER will present its own ethical furniture line that uses the grain of recycled corks collected by solidarity non-profit organizations;
  • Cyrcus Design, which will present on exclusive basis Denis Santachiara's most recent project, namely a chair made, together with 218 other objects, from a single sheet of laser-cut aluminium;
  • DygoDesign, a group of very young designers who will be exhibiting their sculptural vases made of plastic material derived from corn;
  • Lessmore with designer Giorgio Caporaso, who has created an entire line of products and furnishings based on the criteria of sustainable design, in particular using cardboard and wood;
  • OTQ, who will present BISU, the world's first cork bed combining functionality, wellbeing ethics and design.


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