FaceOn-MaskOff fashion masks to reveal feelings by Samer Alameen for Design Italy

by Cristina Morozzi

Face Masks

Face Masks have become a mandatory accessory.

We must wear them.

However, they make us inexpressive. No smiles, sulky or surprised expressions… The most fashionable ones opt for different patterns but they stay masked nonetheless, deprived of the physical display of emotions.

The Libanese designer Samer Alameen has created for Design Italy a set of colorful face masks that recreate facial expressions.

The mouth is printed in a smiley pose or sadly bended downwards ,like in those moments of discomfort, or sealed shut, as in those reflective moments. In this way, we can choose what feeling to wear in order to restore the empathic bond between people that look at each other with no filters. 

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