DESIGN TRENDS - On Face Masks Patterns <br>by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS - On Face Masks Patterns
by Cristina Morozzi

In Japanese civilization, relationships are based on the culture of respect. The greeting is a spaced bow. In public and in crowded places, the Japanese always wear a mask. The masked face belongs to the discretion that governs their relationships. Even in the West, the mask has become an indispensable accessory and a guarantee of civic respect. Design Italy, sensitive to socio-cultural evolutions, offers a series of masks made by Baia30Remi, an excellent artisan company from Naples. Made of fine patterned fabrics, from camouflage to zebra stripes, from polka dots to the typical designs of high-end ties and, even, dotted with sequins, they become real fashion accessories, designed to personalize and liven up clothing. They can be the touch of fantasy that updates a classic garment and the note above the line that makes a sober dress special. 

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