by Cristina Morozzi

Feminine, as an adjective, does not refer only to sexual gender but is the attribute of an attitude, related to a more marked sensitivity in women, nonetheless also present in men.



The "female" creative sphere indicates more considerable attention to detail, the use of more varied colours, often declined in warm tones and more complex shades. In the field of furniture products, it reveals exceptional attention to variety, to the recovery of accessories for specific functions, to small complements designed to contain and classify.

In the history of design, starting with the Bauhaus, school of architecture, art and design founded in Weimar in 1919 by Walter Gropius, there were numerous women dedicated to design who made a significant contribution to the project. Although often confined to the textile sector, of ceramics and jewellery, due to the founder Walter Gropius blatant misogyny. The film The "Women of Bauhaus" by Susanne Radelhof, shown at the Design Film Festival in Milan in October 2019, tells the story of the tribute to the forgotten Bauhaus women who contributed to the innovative potential of the school.

Time, perhaps, does justice to the design pioneers, starting a new chapter for women. 

The Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris dedicated a major retrospective to Charlotte Perriand (2 October-24 February 2019), while "Women in design", recently published by Charlotte and Clementine Fiell, retraces the role of designers of the last century, underlining their success in the various areas of the project.


Lina Bo Bardi, a famous Italian-Brazilian designer, is also celebrated in a large exhibition at the Design Museum in Gent (25 October 2019 - 16 February 2020), produced by the Nilufar Gallery, in collaboration with the Bardi Casa de Vidro Institute.



The combative Charlotte Perriand has never suffered from a sense of discrimination. She has always exalted her attractiveness and resistant physique that allowed her to compete with men in climbing the mountains. Her shoulders portrait, shirtless on top of a peak, is iconic.



The Madrid 2020 design week dedicated a retrospective to Patricia Urquiola, Spanish designer, Milanese by adoption, a great protagonist of international design.



Today on the new design scene, there are many women, engaged in collaborations with companies, in art direction and successful self-productions. They are giving, with their free sign, with their symbolic ability, with their uninhibited imagination, to design a happy image. Design Italy proposes a large number of them, active in the field of fashion accessories, objects, interior decoration, art and design self-productions.


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