Cameos are handmade semiprecious stones that can be applied to a wide range of jewelry products

DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Ranieri: Cameos in Italian jewelry (and not only), timeless versatility and crisis-proof

After the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the jewellery sector is finally on the upswing. In this editorial we analyze the trend of the last year and the new trends that have cameos as protagonists.


The bill that the jewellery sector has paid to the pandemic has had many repercussions on all segments, both in Italy and abroad. The scenario shown by the numbers and data is that the demand last year was at the lowest levels of the last decade due to a mix of factors: the drastic reduction in production (halved in the first half of last year compared to the same period in 2019) and the increase in prices, often linked to the uncertainty that has dominated the financial markets in recent months.

However, signs of recovery are coming in the first quarter of 2021, especially from countries such as India, China and Hong Kong. These signals have resulted in a positive impact on Italian exports, a fundamental driver for a sector in which small and medium-sized companies employ almost 80% of the workers.

The focus on the artisan vocation of Italian players is also directly reflected in the most established trends. The type of product in which craftsmanship is most evident and appreciated is cameos. These are handmade semiprecious stones that can be applied to a wide range of jewelry products. Looking at this year's trends, the direction is mainly towards dangling earrings, oversize rings and necklaces in a revival of the Nineties style. However, there is also a glance towards the future with design creations that are not affected by particular trends and that leave carte blanche to the creativity of younger designers.

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