REPORTAGE: Simone Rocha

REPORTAGE: Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha is the daughter of John Rocha, a designer of Cino-Portuguese origins.


After studying at the prestigious Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design in London, she took her first steps into her father's atelier. In 2012 the designer debuted her first collection, revealing the aptitude to draw inspiration from Victorian-era female romanticism. Simone loves to play with classicism, adapting its volumes in a modern way, which she exasperates with embossing and rouches. 


Her 2021 spring-summer capsule collection for H&M is the ultimate manifestation of the new romanticism. Thanks to the unusual photographic setting portraying models in steamy tulle cloths set in wild herb fields and pink overcoats combined with roses' bouquets, cutlery on classic pedestals.

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