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Marika Carniti Bollea

Special event in Milan with The Metaphysical Design by Marika Carniti Bollea at the Fuori Salone 2019.


Design Italy presents the works of Marika Carniti Bollea, the artist who has written important pages of Italian history of design and interior architecture from the 70s to today.


The works of interior designer, set designer and costume designer Marika Carniti Bollea are the protagonists of the special appointment for the Fuori Salone 2019 in Milan created by The event will be held in Milan from 9 to 12 April 2019 from 13 to 21 at SPAZIO RCM SPORT in Via Moscova, 14/A - Milan.


The monographic exhibition relies on the collaboration of the prestigious magazine AD which has enhanced the artistic and inventive qualities of an inspiration to the metaphysical world that does not know the rules of time and logic.


"We are happy to present the works of Marika Carniti Bollea. More than an artist a design legend, his presence confirms the will and identity of to bring together the best of Italian designers. Our goal is to reach the international market with the best of our country's excellence ", says Roberto Ferrari founder of


Marika Carniti Bollea's work combines classical motifs with baroque motifs, dreamlike, light, now linear and pure designs, now romantic and evocative. Where the furniture becomes a code for a profound reading of the soul.


A DESIGN that today teaches LIVING with Culture, and still being able to DREAM in their homes. A challenge for the future that Marica Carniti Bollea launches in collaboration with DESIGNITALY.COM.


"By alternating perfection with imperfection, construction with deconstruction we can propose the exciting and provocative idea of ​​escaping from the obsessions of the routine to take refuge in the sublime, without being anchored to the laws of consumerism." Marika Carniti Bollea


About Marika Carniti Bollea:

RENZO PIANO "The excitement of continuing the journey of the great works of modern painting, re-proposing them inside the house, seems to me pure scenography born of wonder and enchantment."

GIULIO CARLO ARGAN "The interiors of Marika Carniti Bollea invite you to get together, talk, dream."

CESARE CUNACCIA "Marika Carniti Bollea crosses symbols and arcana, fleeting suggestions, subtle irony and sumptuous, impenetrable morgane of ideas"


Thanks for the collaboration to SIFTE BERTI, Alberto Hazan, Ettore Mocchetti, Sergio Escobar, Roberto Ferrari, Paola Serena, Rossana Turrisi



9 - 12 April 2019 13:00 - 21:00 

Opening April 8th at 4.30pm

Cocktail April 12th at 6.30pm



SPACE RCM SPORT Via Moscova, 14 Milan


Design Italy believes that contemporary design Made in Italy is a constantly evolving phenomenon and that this evolution is the key to its uniqueness. Design Italy believes that Design Made in Italy cannot live without understanding its uniqueness and the stories behind every creator.

Roberto Ferrari, former general manager of Che Banca! ', Mediobanca's Chief Digital and Innovation Officer and Fintech expert, and now founder of, the platform designed to enhance Italian design.

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