The collection Shifts Souls by Iris Van Herpen is made of recycled materials

TRENDS: Iris Van Herpen by Cristina Morozzi

The young designer Iris Van Herpen has created a collection of clothes with recycled materials, reconciling production ethics and environmental sustainability. Read the report by Cristina Morozzi for Design Italy.


At the Paris Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2021/22, the Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen presented "Shifts Souls", a peculiar collection made with recycled materials. The fabrics created in collaboration with the artist Kim Keever are based on a palette of liquid colours, expertly shaded, to match the line of the clothes.


Once again, Iris surprises by the executive virtuosity of the proposals, enriched with rouches, pleats, textile overlays that draw sinuous waves. The chromatic garments shades are enhanced by graphic profiling, almost as if they had been drawn in pencil. The collection proved to be a manifesto of Iris's unusual approach to fashion, based on the values ​​of craftsmanship, innovation, sustainability, technique and art influences.


The "Shifts Souls" collection was created using laser cutting to emphasize the designer's interest in the possible evolutions of the human figure through the dress. Thus, Iris can be considered a pioneer of sustainable fashion. Her collections, which have always been based on sustainability criteria, combine production ethics and technical innovation with an aesthetic richness that does not renounce the special effects of traditional haute couture.


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Cristina Morozzi

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