Alba Gallizia is an Italian architect and designer. Her professional experience brought her to know and work closely with high-end Italian craftsmen. In 2015 she founded the brand Algares. Her creations bring together architecture, design, and craft, by way of patient research on the quality of materials. Metropolis is a collection intended for the metropolitan travelers of today: people who are curious and refined, desiring objects which are comfortable, elegant, flexible, iconic, and which express a sophisticated and exclusive taste, essential and sustainable. Jewels Collections include five lines: Bronze, Cocciopesto, Leather, and Filigree. Bronze has its own special chromatic quality, warm and brilliant; when old, it wears a special patina but continues to shine. The Cocciopesto cameos are the outcome of a lasting experiment; originally the material was invented by the Phoenicians, and later perfectioned by the Romans. Of course, Leather belongs to the identity of Italy; once worked it turns versatile, both in the finishes and in its uses. Filigree jewels adopt a traditional technique, now enlivened by a “nest” workmanship.

Jewels Collections include five lines: Bronze, Cocciopesto, Leather, and Filigree.

The objects of the Metropolis and Jewels Collections celebrate high quality and durability over time, not the obsolescence of the fashion-system. Together, these objects can virtually make up a “private collection”, the outcome of one’s personal and sophisticated taste. The designs of the brand Algares belong to the cultural humus of Milan, a city where many worldwide skills and know-how come together to invent a new stylistic synthesis. In Milan, history and traditions reveal themselves by way of proportions, material knowledge, warmth, and reciprocity.