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Brandodesign was founded in 2015 by the architect Pierangelo Brandolisio, he designs innovative furniture products with specific characteristics for dogs and cats, where design blends with comfort, adapting to pets' specific needs.

All Brando products are handmade in Italy with passion, excellence and value.

The love I feel for my trusty four-legged friends has pushed me to create design products specifically for them.

Today in Brandolisio's studio, two dogs and a Bengal cat roam freely and have become Brando's mascots. Every day, they inspire the team in designing, creating and broadening the collection.


Several newspapers all over the world have talked about Brandodesign:

Elle Decor Italia, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel Italia, Vogue Italia, Wall Street International Magazine, il Sole24ore, laRepubblica, AREA.

The brand has also won many prestigious awards: 

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