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Dale Italia

Dale Italia was born from the Cantiero family in Verona, a historic Italian furniture brand on the market since 1949. The name Dale was chosen from the union of the names of the Cantiero brothers, Alessandro and Edoardo.

They are the heirs of important know-how in solid wood processing and carry on an idea of craftsmanship with always original perspective.

The company interprets classicism in a contemporary key to offer a timeless and inimitable style: strong references to Italian tradition and dedication to high-quality materials such as solid wood, leather and fabrics of Italian origin.

Dale Italia creations are the result of the skill of the artisans who have been working with passion in the company for years. Handmade products with the utmost attention to detail and customize of furniture according to the customer's needs.

Dale Italia is committed to using resources responsibly, choosing quality materials of sustainable origin: the raw material is the heart of the business and becomes the protagonist in every furniture.

The goal is to create a long-lived and quality product, to be experienced and used in today and tomorrow homes.

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