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Giacopini's brand is 100% made in Italy and combines technical skill, design, and engineering to create unique and exclusive metal furnishing accessories.

"Bright Metal Objects" is a sophisticated universe of colors that play with the liveliest shades of the most trendy bright-pop hues including mint, melon, and asphalt grey.

These pop creations are modular, multifunctional objects with a contemporary vibe. Giacopini furniture and complementary accessories go beyond pure aesthetics, embodying the philosophy of "conscious construction" through pieces that can be adapted to any interior and that can easily be transformed thanks to their adaptability.

"I produce increasingly flexible, infinitely adaptable multifunctional items that can compose public and domestic spaces in a balance between strength and lightness".

The brand has a passion for iron, an attraction for unconventional materials and a strong bond with artisan tradition. The "conscious construction" philosophy is growing, and the company has begun creating objects with a long life cycle and that can be easily repaired by using recyclable, repurposed materials.

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