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OFFICINE904 is an eclectic factory created in 2010 by visionary Paolo Porcu Rodriguez and Silvia Pavanello. This multi-disciplinary studio promotes and strengthens a free dialogue between art, fashion, design, and architecture, giving rise to new ideas, visions, projects, and products reflecting the story, the Italian taste and lifestyle experiences.

OFFICINE904 is a style innovator, merging basic and innovative design with refined, highly tactile and chromatic textures.

Story and experience of Italian taste and lifestyle

Most of the inspiration comes from the old factory, located in the enchanting Tuscany countryside, renovated to be versatile and multifunctional – a laboratory that also serves as space for featuring exhibitions and events.

A rhythmic dynamism, validated by praise from Italian and international customers, evident from its growth and development, OFFICINE904 consolidates an innovative and contemporary way of producing fashion and design connected to the territory.

A success story began in Pienza, the small charming city of Reinassance, and our flagship store’s location.

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