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Founded in 1949, BBB Italia celebrates its 70th anniversary of activity with a press conference at the Milan Triennale to retrace the fundamental steps of the brand and to present the new development of the company. BBB Italia has established itself in the furnishing panorama by carefully intertwining experimental impetus and heritage of tradition.

His identity is based on a modern style that modulates the changing spirit of the times by establishing an updated and elegant Italian living culture. Prestigious names from the world of interior design have accompanied BBB's journey: from historians Gio Ponti, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, De Pas D'Urbino Lomazzi, Paolo Ferrari, Vittorio Prato to contemporaries Roby Cantarutti, Massimo Colombo, Michele Franzina, Marco Piva and Konstantrin Grcic, just to name a few.

BBB tells its story through the words of CEO Vittorino Fumiani, Walter Gerosa - Business Development Manager and Architect Michele Franzina Art Director of BBB, while the future of the company is anticipated and expressed by new leading products, innovative in design and materials, simultaneously connected to tradition.



The versatility and richness of accessories characterize the AGAIN chair, designed by Paolo Favaretto following essential and refined lines, made of eco-sustainable Biogreen ©.

SABLIER, designed by Michele Franzina, is a monocoque seat with a technological soul: modern, lively in colors, light and at the same time robust.

Designed by Huub Ubbens, KADREGA - which means 'chair' in the northern Italian dialect - is a small, light and stackable seat with a timeless style. The chair, a piece of elaborate simplicity, has relatively smaller proportions than standard-sized chairs.

LUIGI FILIPPO is the evocative name of the table designed by Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli: thanks to an elegant, light design, with clean lines, it shows how we can reach a high degree of abstraction also making use of traditional types and materials.



The designer Marco Piva, inspired by the uniqueness of the Milanese lifestyle, has created the Via della Spiga collection, composed of elements intended for exclusive and excellent environments: it is a path of ideas and products that aims to recover the most refined production capacity expressed in 70 years of BBB activity.

Via della Spiga is based on a decisive approach to design in the forms, but at the same time elegant and refined with details of the highest level of tailoring.

The collection includes the MILLE chair and the FFANNY armchair, seats with fluid and refined lines that conceal a structure equipped with highly technological mechanisms to adapt to multiple design requirements.