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Valentina by Guido Crepax

The Icon of Milan Street Art.

A WALL THAT BRINGS TOGETHER - Valentina by Guido Crepax the icon of Milan street art.

In this new adventure, the spirit of Guido Crepax takes shape in street art and the story of Valentina is told with brushes and cans on the walls of Milan, her beloved city: the boys of We Run the Streets Milano have created this work, starting from the historical drawings shared with us, and transforming them into made-up scenarios inspired by the world we live in right now. We really enjoyed this, finding out how kids imagine our Valentina today: dynamic, committed, sporty and romantic!

Curious coincidence of dates: Valentina, born on paper from the ink of the pen of her author, who was inspired by Louise Brooks, the famous diva of the silent cinema of the 1920s, is reborn again colorful and open-air in the new years 20 of 2000 ".

SATURDAY 18th January 2020

10:30 am Via San Cristoforo 1-3, street art work display

11:30 am MUDEC Via Tortona 56, preview of the film "Looking for Valentina, the world of Guido Crepax" with Giancarlo Soldi Film Director