by Alessandra Benetatos

DESIGN AND EVOLUTION <p>by Alessandra Benetatos</p>

Sometimes I listen to Fabrizio de Andre :“ Anime Salve, In direzione ostinata e contraria, La buona novella.”


And I find myself smiling, agreeing that life is so rich, imaginative, varied that it cannot be compressed into a single, static thought, let alone outdated behaviour patterns. Everything evolves, this is the only certainty, together with the fact that something good each of us is called to be, in its uniqueness.



I, therefore, choose to make my personal contribution to evolution by joining my "acorn" as James Hillman would say.

Since 1996 I deal with meditation and the development of human potential. I realized that it is interesting to give space to creativity, bring to the ground and embody projects. How many ways are there to bring attention and awareness to a creative process? For me, it is an exciting challenge to combine personal flourishing with a concrete result, an Evolutionary Design. For me, this means, first of all, taking into account the constant and continuous interconnections of aspects that are only apparently unrelated, but which in reality are profoundly resonant. If I move to exploit myself, my resources, exploiting the territory, the people, what will be the result? Probably discreet, at least from the point of view of profit, as today's society shows us.


But how am I while endorsing a system that is obsolete, violent, decadent? What and especially HOW am I creating?


I, therefore, choose not only a way of thinking but concrete actions that go precisely "in a stubborn and contrary direction", which tend to respect the time of maturation, the time of creation, the quality of life of people. I like to create something that lasts over time, that is not prey to compulsions but rather that creates sense, continuity, value. Above all human.

Here is how the creations of Adima made in presence are born.



From passion, from awareness, from commitment.

To put it like William James "Act as if what you do makes a difference. Do it "