by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS - CLASSIC BLUE<p>by Cristina Morozzi</p>

Classic blue is the colour of the year according to Pantone Color Institute established in 1950 to classify colours distinguished by a name and a number. The Institute hosts twice a year, in a European capital, a meeting attended by various international experts.  After two debate days, the Institute declares the colour of the year.



Michel Pastoureau world’s leading colour specialist, historian and anthropologist writes: “colours are not irrelevant, they convey codes, taboos and prejudices which we obey to without realising it and which have hidden meanings capable of profoundly influencing our environment, our developments, our language and our imagination “. From the 12th century, blue is the colour of the Virgin’s mantle in painting. He becomes divine and recognised as having the power to stimulate the economy.

In the “History of a colour“(ibidem 2002), richly illustrated, Pastoureau highlights the triumph of the blue in the contemporary era, asking itself about its significant meanings. Fashion welcomed the blue classic with enthusiasm. It is the state of the dominant colour in the fashion shows of Marni, Valentino, Balenciaga, Heider, Ackerman …



Even in the design, more careful in the use of the colours, there are new proposals of the classic blue. At Maison & Objet (Paris, January 2020), Chance, a Parisian design company, has proposed a complete blue collection consisting of tables, chairs, bookcases, rugs and wallpaper available in the classic blue variants.


In terms of blue, Gio Ponti and his “infinite blue”, the dominant colour in the furnishings and ceramic floors of the famous Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento, one of his many architectural masterpieces, deserves mention.


Cristina Morozzi