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by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS - OUT OF THE BOX<p>by Cristina Morozzi</p>

Out of the box

To stay at home for a long time and the relationships only by phone, or by mails, invites us to look carefully at the touchable things. It comes natural to think on theirs stories and meanings: objects of affection, inherited, bought, useful and useless, which we are not able to throw away, as they are part of our domestic life.

To stay at home invite to think on the furniture, to desire the unexpected, the “out of the box” ones, for making more fun the domestic jail. I have been inspired to consider the terrific design by the recent mail of the gallery R&Company, based in New York, with the invitation to look at “Fun and Games” a virtual path among hers recent exhibitions, as the installation “Animal in the house” by Haas brothers; and “La Mela morsicata “ by italian Studio 65.

Without crossing the Ocean, also a virtual walk in the multipurpose design gallery of Design Italy can offer some surprises, more affordable, for giving to our interior an unusual taste, a little bit “out of the box”.

Legend R&Comanpany, a frame of the installation Radical italian design