The New Normal by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS <p> The New Normal by Cristina Morozzi</p>

After the COVID 19 crisis, new perspectives opened up to us. Return to normality needs to become a new lifestyle rather than a restart of the old routine. Staying home gave us time to think about our lifestyle and our houses and how we use them.  

The long wait for normality has given us the chance to reflect on the material things we surround ourselves. We observed them and used them more consciously, discovering their pros and cons.

Following the footsteps of Xavier De Maistre and his novel “A journey around my room” (anonymously published in 1794), we acknowledged the aesthetic quality of our houses and their potential for modification. The forced abstinence from futile shopping led us to long-lasting desire products that could ease our existence within our homes that became our working and safe gathering places. 

Beauty casts away our fear and sadness. Going back to our Normal life means to invest in daily beauty, giving our house a new look. We can start with the accessories in the catalogue offered by Design Italy.

The resin American service table by Fish Design, designed by the famous architect Gaetano Pesce, is perfect for a new design look. 

To renew your sofa you only need patterned cushions like the ones by LaBolsina or a light blanket by Lanificio Leo, weaved by hand with ancient wooden looms, ideal for a nap but also usable as a shawl thanks to its lightweight.

If we want to enrich our home with furniture that gives a more “lived” look, you need to pick from the collection by Interno Italiano, created by the famous designer Giulio Iacchetti who was inspired, with fantasy and good taste, by the traditional Italian craftsmanship.

If you are more interested in the digital world, Design Italy offers a wide range of accessories by Cyrcus, made by professionals of 3D printing. 




Collection Fish Design for Corsi Design selected by Design Italy 


Quilts & Blankets Lanificio Leo selected by Design Italy


Velvet Luxury Pouf by Labolsina selected by Design ITaly