by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS - THE USEFUL<br>by Cristina Morozzi</br>

Being forced to stay at home made us rediscover the pleasure of maintenance, an ancient attitude linked to the concept of taking care of things.

"Feeling at home", writes the artist Alessandra Spranzi, is a feeling that relates to the gestures necessary for their maintenance. "I sweep, and therefore I am," writes on forced house cleaning Michele Serra on the Italian newspaper 'Repubblica'.

The concept is stolen from the title of the book by Clara Sereni (Einaudi, Turin, 1987), making fun of the sudden change of our life.

We go back to house keeping, as in the past, when women used to work at home. Tidy up, throw away the superfluous and rearrange the necessary!

"The Useful", those furnishing accessories, meant for specific functions, are back in the news: the silent servant to arrange clothes to wear the next day; the desk to devote himself to reading and writing, even with the laptop; the modular and convertible furnishings capable of changing configuration to adapt to different uses.




Bottle holder stool APRIBACCO by La Fucina di Efesto



Steel coffee table PICOS by Claesson Koivisto Rune