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by Samer Alameen

FACE/ON MASK/OFF <p>by Samer Alameen</p>

In a bid to unveil the emotions behind the now commonplace protective cover-up, Lebanese designer Samer Alameen turns his attention to the creation of unisex face masks. And he wants to know how are you feeling? 


A set of four washable masks will feature the accompanying photographic designs to enable you to share just how it is you feel during these new, strange and surreal times, all while still staying safe and being protected. “This is not just a mask, this is a form of expression and communication,” says the designer for whom even before the act of wearing physical face masks had begun, it seemed we had all been wearing some variant of them. Presenting ourselves in a certain way to hide the truth. Now among such testing times of confinement and crisis, it’s time for that mask to come off. It’s time to show our real emotions, be ourselves, and let the world know how we feel. 

There’s nothing wrong with spreading a bit of empathy, after all. Innovatively, Alameen introduces a colour-coding system to go with the masks and therefore enable wearers to easily and quickly convey their emotions to others. 

GREEN is for “HAPPY” ORANGE is “FINE” BLUE is “UPSET” and RED is “ANGRY” This is just the beginning. Alameen will further use the project to help and support mental health awareness, allocating a percentage of sales to create a dedicated fund, further details of which will be shared in due course. 



Made from ultralight quick-drying fabric which is resistant to chlorine and saltwater, the masks’ have a composition of 100% micro-fibre polyester with a hypoallergenic non-woven filter. They also come in a washable pouch to further ensure safety and protection. Once washed, they dry in a matter of minutes. And further designs will be developed for a range of ages and cultures. 

Samer Alameen’s work has long explored the agility of design, anchored by story-telling and adding new layers of purpose. Inspired by history, treasured memories and a sense of tradition, Alameen reinvents the objects he creates: his process is witty, concise and refined, adding a new context where appropriate to traverse both exclusive handmade and one-off pieces alongside those that are industrially produced. Alameen’s work stems from his extensive background in advertising, which in turn led him to become a creator himself.