In the name of Italian Design

In the name of Italian Design

Made in Italy is one of the cornerstones of our country. It’s a long-term resource that perfectly intercepts the growth of global demand for luxury goods. For once, globalisation is meeting us: we must and can seize the opportunity.

Being a partner of Altaroma is natural and logical. Altaroma has always been committed to the promotion of emerging fashion designers. We are happy and proud to contribute: it’s a chance for us to help new talents facing the fashion system's challenges.

Design Italy is always looking for new designers to enhance and promote on international markets. Our concept is in our name. Focused on Made in Italy design, our mission is first of all in designers’ favours. This is what identifies and differentiates us.

We are also looking for designers related to fashion and accessories, transferring innovation, creativity and design to their creations. We are animated by a unique passion for defending the Made in Italy. Transversal research approaches, curiosity and contemporary style: this the direction we are pursuing.

Even more, we build values by trying to create an internal ecosystem, as in the case of the Altaroma partnership, and an external one, looking for collaborations with foreign partners.

Our core is Italian, and our approach is both selective and inclusive: we love innovation, eco-sustainability and quality. We can be proud to define our market GLOBAL.