Light psychotherapy by Cristina Morozzi

Light psychotherapy by Cristina Morozzi
Giuseppe Rotunno, the well-known director of photography, winner of an Oscar in 1980 for best photography in the film 'All That Jazz', explained to me, when I interviewed him for the magazine Modo in the late 80s, that darkness is the lifeblood of horror films.
"Violence occurs in dim light, to make cities safer it would be enough to illuminate them better. Good lighting can also contribute to a better relationship between people, deterring violent acts".

In Finland, where there are barely three hours of daylight in the winter, kiosks with illuminated benches offer citizens invigorating baths of light. Addressing the theme of light does not only mean designing more or less efficient luminaires, studying its gradations and the intensity of the light beams but also dealing with shadows and chiaroscuro effects according to the Japanese playwright Junichiro Tanizaki, (Book of shadow, Bompiani, 1982). It means designing atmospheres that are, as the philosopher Tonino Griffero writes in "Atmosferologia", (Laterza, Bari 2010), "staging rituals and suggestions, perceptible, as immediately and frankly, as are sounds and smells."

Light affects mood and has a certified therapeutic value. In Paris, the well-known designer Mathieu Leanneur was invited to design the lighting of a ward for the terminally ill to offer them visual relief.

The expansiveness of the Mediterranean character is also due to the quality and intensity of our light. Experienced travellers know that each place has its light, which varies according to latitude and time of day, and that each is unique. Light is party, show, choreography, like the Apulian Luminaries that light up the streets and squares of historical centres with coloured arabesques and that made the Dior Cruise 2021 fashion show in the Piazza del Duomo in Lecce magical.
Design Italy pays special attention to lighting, periodically increasing the range of companies and designers specializing in light design. The Venetian brand "Brillamenti" is about to join Design Italy. An energy-saving light, manufactured with recyclable materials, to make you feel good.