by Cristina Celestino for Budri

The Bungle collection. Marble vases by Cristina Celestino for Budri


Cristina Celestino's new project is inspired by vintage costume jewelry. The past breaks into the present, coloring itself with modern tones: Budri, an Italian company recognized worldwide as Atelier Haute Couture of marble and semi-precious stones, presents Bangle, the new and exclusive project by Cristina Celestino, composed of six vases and a tray.

The idea finds its inspiration in the costume jewelry of the 60s and 70s and, in particular, in the colorful universe of bakelite bracelets, an artificial resin discovered in the early 1900s that was soon introduced also in the world of jewelry and fashion. Thanks to its ductility, in fact, this material allowed processing with carvings and inclusions, variegated and bright colors. Bracelets, brooches and buttons were enriched with a new aesthetic, thanks to the use of the innovative material that frequently imitated precious materials such as marble, ivory, coral and tortoise.

As for the Alice Lamp - designed in 2017 for Budri - the designer makes the off-scale her stylistic Leitmotiv: The Bangle collection includes six vases and a tray composed of seven different geometries and two bracelet heights. Regarding the selection of marbles, the designer chose to alternate some veined materials such as the Rain Forest Green, the Rosso Barocco and the Azul Macaubas to other full, with a "color block" effect, such as Giallo Noce and Nero Assoluto, combined in turn with semi-transparent Onyxes. The only "solo" is the monochromatic vase in light tones, made in Onice Bianco and Bianco Carrara, in contrast with the bright colors of the rest of the collection. The iconic Bangle vase, made from “bracelets” in Bianco Carrara, Bianco Statuario and Emerald Green, presents a micro-processing of the surface that is inspired by the texture of the aforementioned bakelite bracelets.

The tray, on the other hand, made of Emerald Green and Honey Onyx, consists of two trays with sinuous edges that flow into one another. With Bangle, Budri once again manages to amaze by proposing a line of design accessories, made with precious materials and thanks to the combination of high technology and skilled craftsmanship. “Marble processing is a long story made up of many languages. Marble speaks to us through its wonderful nature and it is up to us to understand what it wants to communicate”. He claims Alessandra Malagoli, Budri Art Director of the company. "Each collection is a narrative itself, one of the many expressions of what this material can give us, and Bangle is one these".

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