Floreal Trends by Cristina Morozzi

DESIGN TRENDS <p>Floreal Trends by Cristina Morozzi</p>
Lucius Burckhardt, a Swiss sociologist and urban planner, is the inventor of "promenadology", or urban walks, to discover the spontaneous vegetation that grows in the asphalt's cracks. Forcing us home during a warm and sunny spring, the quarantine uncovered urban blooms. The wildflowers in the city gardens give us a taste of beauty. 

The Younik furniture brand, created by Elena Magni and Valeria Bellorini, introduces botanical "beauty" into our homes. Younik is a contemporary factory in the city centre of Varese, where exclusive handmade pieces of furniture come to life. The creations are characterized by decorations made with unusual materials that give shape to elaborate designs.
Elena says that the source of inspiration for their creations is the lake wildlife: the vegetation, the floral and animal world. Each piece is handmade in about forty hours of meticulous work. At its roots, there is a careful selection of precious fabrics, such as silks, velvets and cotton from prominent furniture textile companies. Then, the application of small metal parts, such as nails and washers, of brass sheets and metal meshes of different textures, used in architecture. 
The geometric shapes of the pieces deliberately contrast with the dynamic fluidity of the floral decorations, suggested by the observation of the waves of Lake Varese, giving the creations a contemporary image.
 The support structures are entrusted to the skilled hands of craftsmen who keep the local tradition alive.
The flourishing decorative motifs refer to the Renaissance tradition of tabletops decorated with scagliola inlays, preserved in the museum of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Each piece is unique and requests for custom-made creations are welcome.  The original creations are in perfect harmony with a floral trend, which has already influenced the fashion summer season with romantic and wild vegetal and floral prints. These arise with arrogance in the interior, decorating furnishing fabrics and wallpaper. The blooms not only bloom on fabrics and wallpapers but also on next winter duvets, created by Richard Quinn for Moncler; on the bags of Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Furla; on Miu Miu sandals and metropolitan sneakers, created by Kenzo for Vans.

The architecture graduate Giulia Boccafogli, from Bologna, who is dedicated to creating handmade jewellery, following her inspiration, creates leather accessories. Free from stylistic constraints, her jewels are flowers to be worn on the arm and around the neck and to be hung on the ears.  The leather ornaments are entirely handcrafted and inspired by eco-sustainable principles. Cuts and seams are handmade without dies, and using non-toxic adhesives. The passion placed into the realization makes the collections and individual pieces precious more than the materials used. The jewels take inspiration from literary, artistic or cinematographic references.  Given the minuteness of the resulting works, they require long times of execution that contribute to their exclusiveness.

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