Pet Design by Cristina Morozzi

Pet Design by Cristina Morozzi

Pets are the real hosts, they undeniably mark the rhythms of our lives, they interpret our moods and offer us affection.

Statistics say pet owners are willing to make sacrifices to please and spoil their four-legged friends.

Our pets know how much we care for them, and they somehow reciprocate, running to meet us, fusing, barking, wagging, chirping etc. 

We like to spend time choosing a nice set of items for their well-being, from the kennel to the leash, from bowls for water and food, to the croquette hatch.

Cats are the ideal life companions of writers who spend their days quietly sitting and writing.  The writer Doris Lessig, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007, dedicate a book to the cats of her life: "Very Special Cats" (2008).

She writes " we men observe cats, but cats also study us. In those seemingly indecipherable eyes, one mirrors theirs and our world."

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