The most modern trend? The recognisability of the past

In an ever-changing world, it is once again essential to look back. And not so much to take on board the mistakes of the past or some kind of lesson, but to transfer the value of its own past into the most updated product, in other words, its history, its recognisability and its most distinctive features. And all this is becoming increasingly evident in the world of design with a more evident shift towards the heritage trend.

EDITORIAL Cristina Morozzi


The second stop of our trip is Romagna, famous for its beaches, cordial hospitality, internationally celebrated nightclubs and much more. In the introduction of the book "The night scene, the disco-club design" by Beppe Riboli, I wrote "Nightclubs are distant, happy and chaotic planets, a fourth dimension, where the body is free, where the imagination is enhanced. 



The long times spent at home have influenced the way we think about furniture. The search for innovations and novelties has ended in favor of a revival of long-lasting products that, over time, increase their value, as evidenced by the international auctions. Gufram and Poltronova, historic design companies, which collections feature products from the glorious sixties and seventies, witnessed an increase in...


Marco Arosio

Midarte, in the heart of Brianza, is a company where four generations have been handcrafting furnishings and accessories in precious natural essences. Marco, one of the Arosio brothers, tells the story of this excellence. "Our father, an art lover and a sculptor, gave the imprint while we tried to introduce the freshness of youth and innovation, maintaining and enhancing craftsmanship"


Vico Magistretti

The exhibition "Les Citoyens" has been inaugurated on May 6th at Milan Triennale and will be open till September 12th, a collective of 28 artists from 17 countries, curated by the Argentine painter Guillermo Kuitca, produced by Fondation Cartier, the result of an eight-year twinning between the Triennale and Fondation Cartier in Paris...