Gender-fluid, gender-less, gender-neutral: these are synonyms or at least words with slightly different meanings that describe a phenomenon in the fashion industry that is increasingly growing and consolidating. A recent phenomenon (the first collections to focus on a large scale on an offer of this type did so only a couple of years ago) but one that is constantly spreading. 

EDITORIAL Cristina Morozzi


In a famous interview, Gio Ponti said that "the good Lord was good to Tuscany because he had given it the hills, the Apuan Alps, the river Arno. While he had given Milan nothing, so it was up to the architects to make it beautiful. Tuscany has everything and more: an enviable geographic position, the sea and the mountains, hillside villages and cities of art. Among the others, it is enough to mention "Piazza dei Miracoli"...


Gender Fluid

Maneskin’s victories, first at Sanremo and then surprisingly at Eurovision, have not only given oxygen to the perception of Italian music abroad, but has also focused attention on "gender fluid". The extraordinary Etro dresses, the bistrustful eyes and the lacquered nails of the front man Damiano David, for whom even elementary school girls go crazy, are the sign of a trend that is spreading from the musical world to customs. 


ADI Milano

On April 25 2021, ADI Design Museum was inaugurated in Milan, Via Ceresio 7. It’s also known as “the museum of Compasso d'oro”, which is the most authoritative world design award established in 1954 from an idea of Gio Ponti and supported at the beginning by Rinascente.

The headquarters, complete with bookshop and cafeteria, overlooks a large internal square called Piazza Compasso d'oro, which houses the products awarded in the various editions. 



Enrico Baleri is an architect, designer, entrepreneur and influencer, as well as the founder of Alias and Baleri Italia.

Since 2004 he has been leading his own Research Center, and he was the first to bet on the then young Philippe Starck, who later became an international design star.