When the only places where one could come across the coronavirus were still virology textbooks, Italian wood went strong. The estimates speak for themselves: the wood-furniture industry with a 10 billion Euros surplus, made Italy the second country in Europe...


Midarte, in the heart of Brianza, is a company where four generations have been handcrafting furnishings and accessories in precious natural essences. Marco, one of the Arosio brothers, tells the story of this excellence.


Natural Material: Woods

This is nothing new in the last hour: wood in its various essences has returned to the leading role, while plastic, the queen of the 80s and 90s, is struggling to face its reconversion...



Since its debut, Design Italy has adopted a policy of selecting its collection based on rigorous sustainability parameters, promoting natural and recycled materials while keeping a high level of aesthetic and performance....

Cristiano Ferilli

In 2018, he launched his 

first collection, consisting 

of a series of very light

 glasses, with temples 

made of olive wood or ebony.


Umbrella GOLDEN HORSE with Metal Handle
Umbrella GOLD LION with Resin Handle