Private individuals' demand is currently driving the segment of outdoor design. The reasons are among the most intuitable: more time spent in the house translates into greater attention to spaces. The subsequent opportunities are concrete..

EDITORIAL Cristina Morozzi


Introduced by some fashion collections, always punctual in signalling changes, a romantic thought reappears. It is not just a seasonal trend; it's an attitude of the spirit..


Flower Power

Olaf Hajeck, a German artist in love with nature, dedicated to plants the illustrated volume "Flower Power The gentle strength of plants" (Rizzoli, Milan March 2021, Italian edition). He states that nature is not only beautiful but also healing..


Simone Rocha x H&M

Simone Rocha is the daughter of John Rocha, a designer of Cino-Portuguese origins. After studying at the prestigious Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design in London, she took her first steps into her father's atelier..

Fabio Novembre

Each man lies, 

but give him a mask

 and he will be sincere.