Despite the suffering, the art sector starts its recovery by looking at new channels. In 2020, the turnover of art investments on a global scale lost 22% – to $50.1 billion compared to $64.4 billion in 2019 – and 27% ...

EDITORIAL Cristina Morozzi


"Things are a collection of stories, memories, smells, affections, transitions, memories", as Chiara Alessi writes in her recent book "So many dear things, The objects that changed our lives." ...


Design Icons

The term icon derives from the Russian language and indicates a sacred image, painted on wood or metal, decorated in gold and silver with precious stones, typical of Byzantine and Russian art. In semiology, it indicates the message entrusted to the image, like a manifesto ...


Forma Intervallo Spazio:

exhibition by Riccardo Dalisi 

During May the Trevi center in Bolzano will host an exhibition dedicated to Riccaro Dalisi, Italian artist and radical designer, awarded with two Compassi d'oro (1981, 2014), promoted by Spazio 5 Arte contemporanea and Archivio Dalisi, curated by Manuel Canelles ...


MYIN - Luciana Gomez

Myin is a start-up born in 2020 from the idea of the Italian-Argentine designer Luciana Gomez. Luciana is an active member of the creative team that designed the famous TAG coworking labs of Talent Garden and former founder of Dwellness, a company specializing in ...