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CESARE is an interchangeable leather bracelet with an original antique XIX century cameo that represents Julius Cesar.  History, refined details, and leather beautifully mix in this one-of-a-kind cameo cuff totally designed and handcrafted in Italy, unique piece.

His triumphant profile majestically carved on shell and dating from around 1850, has been handset in glowing blue lapis stone and silver. Cesar has been a central figure in Roman History, an acclaimed orator, general, writer, remembered as one of the greatest military geniuses in history capable to build an incredible relationship of esteem and passionate devotion with his soldiers. 


It is possible to customize the leather bracelet.


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Product Details

Colour: Brown

Material: Cameo, Lapis, Leather, Silver

Dimensions (cm): H 5.5 x W 6 x D 0.22 x Ø 20

Dimensions (in): H 2.2 x W 2.4 x D 0.1 x Ø 7.9

Weight: 80g

Shipped in 48 hours

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