Resin Cast MANO D'OPERA X 8 White

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MANO D'OPERA X 8 in the white colour is a real decorative object in hand-cast resin representing a superstitious gesture used to ward off bad luck.

There are many other resin casts to symbolize various feelings, such as wonder, hunger, etc. The mimicry of Neapolitan gestures was first studied and published by Jorio: "The mimicry of the ancients investigated in managing Neapolitan", published in 1832.

Anyone needs such an item to ward off bad luck.


Installation designed to be hung on a wall. All hands mounted on a plexiglass panel.


Personalization on request. Please fill out the form below for more information.

Product Details

Colour: White

Material: Resin, Plexiglass

Dimensions (cm): H 104 x W 63 x D 21

Dimensions (in): H 40.9 x W 24.8 x D 8.3

Weight: 493g

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