Resin Cast MANO D'OPERA X 8 White

Resin Cast MANO D'OPERA X 8 White

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Art installation handmade in Italy. Eight hands representing: the gesture of victory, the fist, the OK, the middle finger, the open hand, the gesture of the horns and the 'what's your deal'? These last two are typical of the Neapolitan tradition. The gesture of the horns is repeated both for the right hand and for the left hand. The installation is designed to be mounted on the wall. All hands are made of nianca resin mounted on a plexiglass panel.

Product Details

Color: White

Material: Resin, Plexiglass

Dimensions (cm): H 104 x W 63 x D 21

Dimensions (in): H 40.9 x W 24.8 x D 8.3

Weight: 493g

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