NEW ARRIVALS: Casa Marras by Chiara Colmegna

Dedication and Italian Design

Among the new arrivals to Design Italy’s family of designers is Casa Marras, a brand whose collection of handmade tableware and items for the home was designed by Sardinian stylist, artist and designer Antonio Marras. His creations are a celebration of all things “made in Italy” as well as of the craftsmanship and quality of objects created with love and dedication. The keys to Marras’ extraordinary talent are culture, creativity and art as a way of expression.

A love of ceramics stemming from tradition

It was Marras’ relationship with fellow Sardinian artist Maria Lai, who was considered Marras’ muse, that marked the beginning of the collection. The encounter with Lai’s art and both of their Sardinian roots fuelled Marras’ inspiration as a designer and artist. 

Marras is big on working with materials often linked to “poorer” arts, like the papier-mâché he uses for his sculptures, and he manages to harness the properties of these materials to create true masterpieces. “I like working with what is rejected and on the fringe…”, he said.


Marras’ ceramics are the perfect outcome of his tireless desire to fully express his creativity. Exhibited in his Milanese atelier, his objects feel like home. Also because the company that creates them is an Apulian company that belongs to the Colì brothers from Cutrufiano, Lecce and has been in their family for generations.


Quality, technique and design 

The entire Casa Marras collection is hand-painted using the decal technique, which guarantees durability and the charm of craftsmanship. The art of decorating porcelain, which originated in the workshops of the Far East, and later the technique of decalcomania, allowed artists to imprint images on objects with an irregular surface. The technique of firing Raku ceramics, which originated in Japan primarily to make Raku tea cups, accentuates the simplicity and naturalness of the shapes of beautiful collectibles.

Antonio Marras’ drawings are displayed on the pieces of his collection and have distinctive, almost impulsive and childlike lines and poetic details. The three Pois brothers take turns being featured on the imperfect surfaces of the collection’s plates, vases and glasses, with each piece being a unique work of art. Just like Marras’ other designs, the Pois brothers have a close connection to the artist’s Sardinian roots, where instinct and research blend with images and imagination in a unique harmony.

Chiara Colmegna