After the success I-made London, a fair in September at the Saatchi Gallery, Design Italy was noticed by the very famous Liberty shopping center.

This mall is one of the symbols of the city of London, located on Great Marlborough Street, in the Est part of the city. Liberty opened in 1875 selling ornaments, fabrics and art objects from Japan and the East. In the following years he expanded his commercial choice also taking care of design and furnishing the house with the utmost care for the quality and attention to detail of all products.



Wave Glass Murano glass vases have been chosen to be exhibited in the Home decor and design department of the shopping center. The Venetian glass tradition has very ancient origins, since the Middle Ages the Venetian glassmakers began to practice this art learned during merchant travels to the east. Aesthetic capacity for Venetians E Based on the intuition that glass is an extremely malleable material and therefore suitable for being blown and molded to the incandescent state, but capable of maintaining the same chromatic characteristics even in the finished product. The fire that shapes and shapes the material giving it life has immediately fascinated Roberto Beltrami, creator of the splendid Wave Murano Glass vases. 

The artisan artist is the creator and author of his works: skilled hands and breath create works of art of every shape and color that are now framed by the splendid sales of this mall with a soul in history that manages a living alive even to our days.