TRENDS: Genderfluid by Cristina Morozzi

The "gender fluid" trend is increasingly current and present in the world of music, fashion and lifestyle. Cristina Morozzi talks about it in this article.


Maneskin’s victories, first at Sanremo and then surprisingly at Eurovision, have not only given oxygen to the perception of Italian music abroad, but has also focused attention on "gender fluid". The extraordinary Etro dresses, the bistrustful eyes and the lacquered nails of the front man Damiano David, for whom even elementary school girls go crazy, are the sign of a trend that is spreading from the musical world to customs.

Fedez has created a nail polish line. Mahmood appeared on the Sanremo stage in a skirt, a sober black dress designed by Burberry current art director Riccardo Tisci. Gucci is increasingly presenting collections that challenge gender stereotypes. Hedi Slimane for Celine woman proposed a severe masculine suit jacket and pants, feminized by a blouse with lavallière collar.
Generation Z wears combat shoes and cargo pants.

There is an increasing number of women becoming soccer referees. A TV commercial shot in the subway shows two girls kissing and invites tolerance. More and more actresses and models are confessing to have or have had relationships with women, such as Cara Delevingne or Twilight star Kristen Stewart.
The gender gap in fashion and entertainment, which unfortunately still penalizes many female careers, is disappearing.