THE BLOG#4 - SANTORINI by Antonella Dedini

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THE BLOG#4 - SANTORINI by Antonella Dedini

We find ourselves in the Cyclades archipelago, nestled in the Aegean Sea, where the southernmost island is the enchanting Santorini. Its unmistakable crescent-shaped morphology is a testament to a colossal volcanic eruption that shaped its contours during the middle of the second millennium BC, endowing it with a distinct allure, making it Greece's most cherished and celebrated island.

Over time, peculiar geological phenomena laid the foundation and kindled inspiration for rituals and mythological tales that continue to weave their magic throughout the island. The glaringly bright and lively white pumice of its rocks and houses, naturally adorned with the same volcanic ash, harmoniously blend into the surrounding landscape. And amid this picturesque scene, the domes of the Orthodox churches stand out like undulating waves of the sea, painted in the typical blue hues, reminiscent of the colors of the Greek flag.

How to furnish a home inspired by the island of Santorini in Greece?

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