"The Milk of Dreams", the 59th edition of Venice Biennale

by Cristina Morozzi


The Milk of Dreams is the theme of the 59th edition of Venice Biennale, taking the inspiration by a children's book. Read Cristina Morozzi's reportage.


The 59th Venice Biennale (23 April–27 November 2022) is the first to be curated by a woman. Internationally renowned art critic Cecilia Alemani chose the theme Il latte dei sogni, or The Milk of Dreams, for the event. The name was inspired by the title of the illustrated children’s book by Leonora Carrington, a surrealist artist whose book describes a magical world where it is possible to reinvent ourselves, modifying our bodies, like John, whose head flew out of his window one night while he was sleeping and, after picking it up, he carried it around tied to a string. Or like Humbert, the most lovely child in town and whose sister Rose put a crocodile in his bed, but the crocodile did not eat him because he was so handsome, and they instead became friends.

This leads us to think that the Venice Biennale will be full of surprises that will amaze and excite. A fairy-tale Biennale that will present the accessible and comforting side of art, inviting us to establish friendships with other life forms on the planet we inhabit.