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With a degree in art history and a Ph.D. in cultural economics, Glenda Cinquegrana opened her first gallery in 2006, focusing on contemporary cutting-edge young talents and photography.

In 2017, she founded Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting, a gallery based in the Porta Venezia neighborhood in Milan. Her gallery is a mix of modern art as well as young and mid-career Italian and international artists including Mazaccio, Drowilal, and Giorgio Galimberti.

Glenda has been collaborating with Forbes Italia since 2017, both for their magazine and website, and since 2018 she has been part of the Forbes Leader television program, interviewing prominent art patrons and private collectors. For the past year, she has also collaborated with Class Editori media conglomerate and Capital, and over the past year, she has also contributed to the quarterly luxury and lifestyle magazine Robb Report. She now teaches at the Brera Academy of fine arts in Milan.

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