NEW ARRIVAL: Adrenalina, a brand of Italian manufacture

The MAG - 01.23

by Chiara Colmegna

Adrenalina brand italian manufacture

Italian company Adrenalina combines the quintessential quality of Italian manufacturing with creativity expressed in unique colors and shapes. The desire to create iconic upholstered furniture with a strong personality drives the Pesaro-based brand’s constant quest for innovation. 

The strength of Adrenalina lies primarily in the craftsmanship of each piece, whose production is due to Marche-based company Domingo Salotti, which specializes in fire retardant upholstery.

Fire retardant materials & the world of contract furniture

Adrenalina brand italian manufacture

’s mission is contract furniture, a field that has several characteristics to satisfy: each upholstered piece is made with fire retardant upholstery and materials designed for maximum comfort. 

 Several furniture projects for hotels, restaurants, pubs and public spaces around the world bear the Adrenalina signature. Its enthusiastic and futuristic spirit recounts the identity of each space through a tailor-made study of the furniture.

Modularity and timeless design

The company’s latest collections follow the last year’s design trends, with modular designs and forms taking center stage. For example, Nibbler and Sir-Pent in pastel colors were designed by Debonademeo duo Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo, who head up the brand’s art direction.


Adrenalina brand italian manufacture

Although Adrenalina has had many collaborations with designers from different backgrounds, its language is clearly identifiable thanks to its timeless originality that takes inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s and its soft, unmistakable shapes. 

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