BABS Art Gallery: the art of jewellery

by Chiara Colmegna 
Chiara Dynys’ VEGA necklace


The BABS Art Gallery project involves contemporary artists creating design jewellery that blends with various art forms. Read more on Design Italy.


Artist Jewelry

Nowadays, contemporary jewelry isn’t just about excellent craftsmanship and refinement. Design Italy is excited to present the veritable miniature works of art jewelry by BABS Art Gallery in Milan .


Handcrafted and contemporary design

The project behind BABS Art Gallery involves contemporary artists in creating jewelry that brings the creation closer to the person who wears it. Conceptual artist Emilio Isgrò designed a line of jewelry that expresses his language, and his SEME SENZA NOME silver necklace celebrates an important concept for him: that of the seed as the origin of life.

Silver ring Alvearino by Jessica Carroll 
A common thread can also be found in the small pieces of art designed by Jessica Carroll. She has a passion for beekeeping and is fascinated by the magic that takes place within a beehive. Her pieces of jewelry are small sculptures, like the limited edition ALVEARINO silver ring.


Chiara Dynys’ VEGA necklace is a design that combines the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship with the purity of exquisite materials. The necklace features brilliant cubic zirconia that stand out amidst midnight blue enamel and the warm hues of gold.


Jewelry design

Jewelry design arose from the contamination of artistic culture and high-quality goldsmithing. Design experimentation has given way to new languages and aesthetics. Since 2018, Babs Art Gallery has been one of the rare art galleries specializing in artist jewelry, and works to convey excellence that blends with various art forms from painting to photography to sculpture.