DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Emanuele Drago: Ceramics, Perfection Exists

A love letter to ceramics in all its forms and qualities, a versatile and widely used material in interior design. Read the editorial by Emanuele Drago.



Ceramics are like a finely-aged wine. And despite the thousand-year history of this material, it is more modern than ever.

We have the perfection of industrial ceramic products, which at times resemble marble or stone. And then we can also appreciate the flaws of handmade ceramics, with the imperfections of their rough grains and uneven, vivid colours that reach poetic levels with the metallic reflections and cracks of the Raku firing technique. We are surrounded by ceramics, and they are a part of everyday life and of all cultures.


Why choose ceramics? Because they are natural, do not release harmful substances, are sustainable, do not burn, are recyclable, last over time, are easy to lay, and stand up to wear and tear. In interior design projects, ceramics are being used more than ever thanks to their incredible aesthetics and performance.


Italian companies offer an infinite range of floor and wall coverings, from artistic hand-painted tiles to industrial slabs (for indoor and outdoor use) that evoke the timeless charm of stone and marble with a contemporary flair, creating spaces with a refined and almost sculptural impact. Large formats facilitate seamlessly covering walls from floor to ceiling, while thin slabs are used to cover walls, furnishings and surfaces, creating an elegant, modern look and clean, streamlined surfaces throughout the home.


At Design Italy (, you’ll find stunning ceramic products to decorate your home and table and all of which are made in Italy. The Table Joy collection by Aldo Cibic for Paola C comprises beautiful pieces of modern tableware that will create a modern yet elegant atmosphere at any meal.  

And if you want to set a truly unique table, the URBAN POIS AND LINES ceramic plates, handmade in Italy by Andrea Branciforti for Improntabarre, are the perfect choice, as each plate was handcrafted using the ceramic casting technique. 


And then there is the creative genius of designer Antonio Marras, who founded Casa Marras with its fun and playful FRATELLI POIS collection of tableware, created by Apulian company Kiasmo.


Emanuele Drago