Contemporary artist photography as furnishing solution for your living space

by Emanuele Drago


Photographs are not only artworks, but also unique decorative furnishing objects. Discover on Design Italy how to add style and personality to a room.


Photograph as a decorative object: how to add style and personality to a room

When it comes to interior design, the desire to hang photographs on the walls is a natural, almost instinctive action: it is a common choice, and we love it. Using a photograph as a decorative object is an excellent way to add style and personality to a room. It's essential to select images that are meaningful to us; what the photos depict has an impact on the viewer. They can have a personal significance, be purely ornamental and decorative, or be a great financial investment.

Contemporary artist photography is an important art market industry, both from a cultural and economic point of view. With photography, art enters the spaces of everyday life, making them unique and personal: our home reveals something about us and our lifestyle. The contemporary taste favors houses that are furnished with rigor and simplicity, emphasizing clean shapes and open spaces, but our attention is always drawn to the detail. A photograph's subject can be abstract, or filled with fascinating small details. Photographs are perfect both large and small, and can be displayed in the living room, in the bedroom or in the bathroom: don’t be afraid to experiment.


How to choose a perfect photograph for a specific enviroment

Using a photo linked to a personal memory is an intimate and effective furnishing solution. For a good image to be used as a décor piece, attention must be paid to proportions, colors, and the ratio between the shapes of the various elements present in the environment. Nothing must be left to chance. You can easily replace the image, and play around with the different tones of black and white, and sepia. They will give any space in the house a magical atmosphere as well as a dreamy and nostalgic mood.
In addition, photography is an art form that has a special relationship with contemporary architecture and décor.

So: how does a photograph enhance a living space?
An image or a series of images can relate to other pieces of furniture in many ways: by following a visual choice, for example, such as the dominant color palette, lights and lines, also taking advantage of pleasant style contrasts, but also the content and meaning of a photo play an important role. Finally, you can collect photography for passion or as a form of investment.