Designer Credenzas and Consoles

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How to choose the perfect piece of furniture

by Chiara Colmegna
Designer Credenzas and Consoles

In your living area, it’s important to have the right space to store home decor, tableware and knick-knacks. Sideboards, credenzas and buffets are storage units that become distinctive pieces of furniture that give a unique touch to the design of your home. 

These pieces of furniture are essential for storing plates, glasses, bottles and more. Read on for a guide to understanding the differences between sideboards, credenzas and buffets.

Buffet Cabinets and Credenzas

Designer Credenzas and Consoles

Credenzas are low pieces of furniture that run horizontally and are often placed in the dining room or next to the dining table. Buffet cabinets are also designed to be an extra space for placing and serving dishes. In modern rooms, credenzas can become the centerpiece of the room and serve as a divider between open floor plans or as a TV cabinet. These cabinets can be customized with or without feet, can rest on the floor, or mounted on the wall for a sleek look.

Common measurements for credenzas are a height ranging from 50 cm to 100 cm and a depth ranging from 45 cm to 55 cm.

Modern Sideboards of Design

Sideboards typically have a tall, narrow configuration typical of a pantry cabinet. Often associated with a rustic style, although their origins date back to the environments of country homes, they lend themselves to contemporary spaces thanks to the variety of materials and styles they come in. Now indispensable in homes, these pieces are a stylish addition to kitchen and dining areas to hold and display everything you need.

Sideboard heights range from 110 cm to 160 cm, with depths of between 45 cm and 55 cm.

Designer Credenzas and Consoles


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