How to Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

The MAG 10/22

INFOGRAPHIC by Leonardo Nieto


The standard dimensions of the sofa range from 60 to 70‘‘ in width with a depth
of 35-40‘‘, while the seat height is around 19‘‘, for a total height of 31-35‘‘.

sofa 01

Take a look at our Pinterest profile to get style references and understand what kind of sofa is right for you.

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Arrangement of the Sofa

Facing each other

sofa 02


To the center

sofa 03

To the corner

sofa 04

Find your own way

sofa 05


Sofa Style

sofa 06
sofa 07
sofa 08
sofa 09
sofa 10
sofa 11
sofa 12
sofa 13


Sofa Arms

sofa arms


Backs and Seats


Sofa Backs


Sofa Seats