How to Choose the Right Sideboard or Storage Cabinet

The MAG - 01.23

TUTORIAL by Emanuele Drago


In recent decades, credenzas and buffets have no longer been considered furniture to be confined to the kitchen. Today, they furnish spaces including living rooms and family rooms without losing that fundamental element dedicated to functionality and practicality.

If you’re looking to add just the right piece of storage furniture to your space, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

Style, size materials are just some of the aspects to consider before buying. On, you’ll find a huge selection of sideboards and similar furnishings, all by iconic Italian brands and craftspeople.


One element to evaluate is the depth of your sideboard. Typically, it’s easier to place a more generously sized piece of furniture in your living room than in the kitchen or dining room: in this latter case, it’s better to opt for 30 cm models that don’t restrict movement.

Remember: always allow enough room for movement in your space, otherwise once your furniture arrives and you start arranging it, what seemed like a world of opportunity can suddenly seem overwhelming!


The second aspect to consider when choosing the right sideboard, buffet or credenza for your home is style. When geometric lines prevail among household furniture, it’s a matter of coordinating storage pieces as well, letting the choice fall on modern creations.

Balance is the key for successful furniture design. And whether or not you’re interested in symmetry, finding a balance is important in any space. You can visually rebalance a large cabinet with two smaller ones or contrast a tall floor lamp with a hanging lamp.